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Lead Choreographer

Gemma Crowe

Gemma Crowe is a choreographer, contemporary dance artist and indie filmmaker residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Graduating with distinction from the University of Calgary’s Program of Dance with a Bachelor’s Degree, Crowe actively began her pursuit of a career in the Arts, fueled by her passion for contemporary dance and her love for creation. Crowe had the opportunity to choreograph for the Annual Alberta Dance Festival series and the Fluid Movement Arts Festival’s SPARK programme in Calgary. Co-founding the Strange Change Dance Collective enabled Crowe to stay connected to the community in Calgary while exploring opportunities around the world. The collective received a Calgary 2012 Grassroots Grant for Strange Change’s first ever Strange Change Dance Exchange showcase.

With everything she does, Gemma Crowe strives to communicate with different audiences. Teaching dance to all ages; from small children to adults, allows Crowe to share her philosophy on enhancing life with art, and improving a sense of connection. It is of paramount importance to Crowe, that everyone is able to express in an effective way. When working with youth Gemma Crowe is diligent about honing skills of articulate expression and compassionate communication. Whether it’s executing a pirouette or creating a foundation for true friendship, no feat in the dance studio is more important than another.

Crowe’s most recent development has been in training overseas at P.A.R.T.S. Summer School In Brussels and attending ImpulsTanz, Vienna’s International Dance Festival. Gemma Crowe has acquired a greater understanding for the context of her work and global significance for art. The value of Dance as art remains of paramount importance to Crowe as she continues to explore, create and work in dance and film. Movement is a passion that fuels her engagement with the world around her.